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Forgive Me, Please

It was the end of the day, the end of the first proper week of school in fact, and Bethany couldn’t wait until tomorrow. She was going out with Tien for their first date and for once was happy to be getting up early and for a bit of a drive since she needed to go pick him up. Walking down the hall someone walked up to her wrapping their arm around her shoulder and pecked her cheek.
“Hey, B, how’s my girl doin’ today?”
Bethany shrugged the large arm off of her shoulders and tried to move away but Travis grabbed her wrist and started to lead her down the hall. “Hey! Travis, let me go I have to get home.”
“I’ll let you go after we’ve talked, c’mon, Bethany.”
“No, let me go now! I swear I’ll scream if you don’t.”
“Oh, and who’s gonna come to your rescue, school’s empty remember?”
She tried to pull away from him again but he spun her around so her arms were crossed in front of her and he held her hands against her hips as he caressed them and pressed against her pinning her between him and the wall.
“Travis! Let me go!”
He leaned in close, lips caressing her ear, “I told you, we have some things to talk about, Baby. Things like you coming to my party tonight. You an’ me being an item now,” his lips trailed down her jaw as she turned her head to try and stop him from kissing her. “Hmph, so you want to play that way? Fine then, let’s find somewhere more…Private.”
   Bethany’s blood ran cold and she struggled intending to kick him but he had her pinned tight. When he released her it was only long enough for him to get a better hold on her and drag her along to a storage closet. Eyes wide she tried to kick him again but he slapped her and tossed her into the room, her face smashing into one of the metal shelves inside. Crying out in pain, Bethany held her face as she hit the floor; that was going to leave a Nasty bruise on her cheek bone under her right eye. Slipping in behind her, Travis shut the door and moved something to block it so she couldn’t leave easily even if she managed to get past him. Kneeling down in front of her, Travis grinned cruelly, “Now, about what we were talking about. Remember before the break? Brandon’s party?” He paused to let her answer and she slowly nodded, tears starting to slip down her face as she tried to curl up tighter and get away from him. “Well, heh, you and I had quite the night together, and I’m thinkin’ when you’re dolled up your pretty hot. I want more of that action, so now you’re my girl,” he was leaning in close now, one of his hands rubbing up and down her thigh as she shivered.
“N-no. I’m happily i-hi-in a relationship now, I don’t need a creep like you, and I was DRUNK! I didn’t know my hand from my nose that night! Ge-he-et your hands off me,” Bethany moved to slap his hand away but he grabbed it and twisted, making her scream.
   “I don’t think you get it, Baby,” pulling out his phone with his free hand he brought up some pictures and showed them to her. “I have photographic evidence of what you and I got up to, advantage? You’re the only one anyone can see or recognize in the pics. Sooo, if I were to I dunno, send these out to the school? What do you think would happen to you?”
She was shivering and gasping in pain as he gripped her wrist while showing her the pictures but she shook her head, “no-ho-t happening…I am happy with Tien. I’m not…aahhhh!”
Travis put his phone away and leaned down kissing her roughly as he twisted her wrist, “wrong answer, Baby. You’re MY girl now and you’ll be at my party tonight. In fact, why don’t we have a little taste of what’s to come?”
Bethany’s heart raced at the look he gave her as he released her wrist to wrap one arm around her waist and lay her on the floor and she tried to scramble away but he pinned her wrists above her head, holding down her waist with one of his knees in her gut. “Ah, ah, ah…Playtime’s not over yet.”


   Nearly an hour later Travis left the storage closet, more than satisfied with himself and the great time he’d just had. He left the door wide open and Bethany curled up in pain on the floor, clothes disheveled and she was sobbing, feeling so sick. Clutching her arms tightly around her she gasped for air and waited for the various aches to fade before attempting to fix her hair and clothing, hands shaking. She was about to test her legs to stand, all she wanted now was to get home and curl up in bed and never move again, when her phone rang and she yelped, jumping a bit, still sitting on the floor. Heart pounding out of her chest she looked at the caller ID and took a few deep breaths before answering.
“Hello,” her voice was still cracked a bit but she hoped her Daddy wouldn’t notice.
“Bethy? Where are you, sweetie, it’s date night and Mom and I need you to babysit remember?”
“Oh, right…sorry, I was working on stuff at school,” she put false normality into her voice as she lied.
“Ah, are you coming home soon? We need to head out so we can make it to the theater on time.”
“Yeah, Daddy, I’m heading out to my car now. I’ll be home in about ten minutes. Um…Daddy?”
“I…I love you, Daddy,” she whispered.
“I love you too, Bethy, get home safe, I’ll see you when you get here, bye.”
“Bye…” Hanging up the phone, she put it in her pocket and used the shelves to help her stand and headed to the bathroom. She would need to clean herself up before heading home or her family would suspect something…They couldn’t know. No one could know…It…it made her tear up just thinking about what had happened and she held her gut running into one of the stalls to puke.

   Pulling into her driveway, Bethany gripped the steering wheel of her car tightly, gritting her teeth and putting on her usual face before stepping out, locking her car and heading inside. Her Mother pulled her into a hug, smiling, “thank you so much, Baby,” that made Beth flinch but thankfully her Mom didn’t notice. Too busy being pulled away after the hug as her husband hurried her out the door. He shot her a quick smile and, “Thanks, Bethy, we’ll be home by midnight.”
   Bethany nodded and gave a quick, fake smile, turning to head upstairs to crash in her room and blast her music. She didn’t get the chance though as she got a call from…her phone fell…Shelly looked up at her and picked up the phone, “who’s…Travis?” Snatching her phone from her baby sister, Bethany dashed upstairs to her room and answered the call after locking her door and curling up on her bed.
“What do you want?!”
“To know my Baby is gonna be ready for me to pick her up tonight at nine. I ain’t lettin’ you drive yourself, what kinda gentleman would I be then?”
She felt bile rising in her throat as she choked out, “you’re no gentleman, you’re a horny toad!”  
“Ouch, Baby Beth, that’s no way to talk to your man.”
“I’m babysitting. I’m not going anywhere. And. I. Have. A. Boyfriend!”
“Yeah, me. The kids can come with, call it a field trip, but I’ll be there at nine,” Travis hung up and Bethany choked out a sob, throwing her phone into a stuffed zebra one of her older brothers had won for her years ago at a local fair.
 Dinner time rolled around and Bethany had cried herself to sleep, face buried into one of her pillows and back to the door. Sally had tried knocking but when she didn’t get an answer and found the door locked she grabbed their brother Ryan- who was twelve- and asked him to do the unlocking trick. He ran to his room and grabbed the mini-tool he used and easily unlocked Beth’s door. Sally pushed the door open carefully, peeking in and whispered, “Bethy? Um…it’s dinner time. I’m hungry…Ryan says he won’t make something for me.”
   Not receiving a response, Sally inched into the room until she was beside Bethany’s bed and reached up to shake Bethany’s shoulder. “Bethany?”
Bethany jerked awake at the touch and shot up, “don’t touch me! Ah-“ she gasped and shook her head, “oh, Sally, sweetie, I’m sorry.” Her poor baby sister jumped back, terrified as Ryan gave his big sis a puzzled look from the doorway. Scooping Sally into her lap Bethany hugged her and spoke gently, “I’m sorry, Sissy just had a bad dream and you startled her, that’s all. What did you need?”
Sally looked up at Bethany, frowning seeing how puffy and red her eyes and nose were and reached up to brush hair out of her face and gasped when she saw the bruise. “Bethy! What happened?!”
Bethany flinched and tilted her head to move her hair back, “nothing sweetie, Bethy just tripped at school. Now, what did you need?”
Frowning, Sally sighed but didn’t bother her sister, believing her but still not liking that she was hurt, “dinner,” she mumbled.

   It was now bed time for Sally and Bethany was tucking her in and getting ready to read a story to her when the doorbell rang and she frowned. “I’ll be right back, Sal,” she said leaving the room, pulling the door almost completely shut. Ryan was on the couch in the living room working on homework he’d put off earlier and glanced up, “who’s at the door this late? It’s almost nine.”
Bethany shrugged and continued down the hall to the door, opening it she gasped and moved to shut it but Travis caught it with his hand and since he regularly worked out, easily pushed it open enough to let himself in. He wrapped an arm around Bethany’s waist and leaned in, forcing a kiss on her that she twisted to avoid and he frowned when he kissed her jaw instead. “Come on, Baby, it’s party time.”
“I told you, Travis, I have a boyfriend and I’m babysitting,” she purposefully raised her voice as a warning to Ryan who peeked around the corner. When he spotted his sister’s discomfort he grabbed the cordless house phone and held it at the ready to call their parents…or the cops.
“Don’t be like that, Babe, one of your brothers is in Middle school right? He can stay here alone for a few hours just fine. C’mon,” Travis started to pull Bethany out the door and she stumbled along the floor.  
“NO! Travis, let me go or else.”
He snorted and pulled her onto the porch, reaching to close the door behind them, “or else what?”
Ryan stepped into the hall, “or else I call the cops right now!”
“Wha? Aw, come on, kid. Don’t go pulling that, your sister and I are just going to my place for a while, no big deal.”
“She doesn’t want to go, she said no and she’s babysitting. So let her go or I’m calling the cops!” Ryan’s finger hovered over the call button as he’d already punched in the numbers and tilted the phone to make sure Travis could see.
   Looking down at Bethany then back to her brother, Travis contemplated it, then leaned in to whisper to Bethany, “I have those pics, plus the new ones from today. What’s it going to be?”
“Ah!” Bethany wanted to cry but not in front of this sicko, or her little brother, looking at Ryan she straightened up in Travis’ arm as she sighed. “R-Ryan, hang up the phone.”
Ryan gaped at her, “what?! Bethany this guy’s harassing you! I’m calling-“ Bethany ducked out of Travis’ grip, startling him and ran into the house stealing the phone from her brother and clearing it.
“I SAID HANG IT UP,” She roared at him, he flinched back staring at her wide eyed, “don’t tell Mom and Dad okay? Read to Sally, and tell her I wasn’t feeling well and that I had to go to bed early. Do your homework and just keep quiet. Got it?”
   Ryan slowly nodded, shooting his sis a worried look as he moved towards the stairs to head to Sally’s room. Bethany put the phone back on its charger, taking a shaky breath and walked over to Travis, trying to glare at him. He smirked and wrapped an arm around her pulling her onto the porch and shutting the door, leaning down to kiss her roughly before leading her to his car. In the passenger seat, Bethany wrapped her arms around herself after buckling and stared out the window struggling to hold in her fear and pain.

   Travis dropped her off at her house thirty minutes before her parents were to be home and Bethany couldn’t get out of his car fast enough. Racing up the porch steps she reached for the front door but felt a sharp yank on her arm as she was dragged back against Travis’s chest. “Tut, tut, leaving your man without giving him a goodnight kiss? And after everything we did tonight too,” he whispered huskily as he moved forward, making sure to hold her head in place this time. Bethany tried to fight the tears as he kissed her but she couldn’t hold them back any longer and they slipped down her face as Travis pulled back, smirking. “Looking forward to seeing you again, Baby,” he waved and walked off.
   Soon as she was free, Bethany threw open her front door, slammed it and locked it, sliding down sobbing, unable to gather the strength needed to make her way up to her room.
Forgive Me, Please
Warning: Sexual harassment and hint of rape in this story. I do not describe anything too deep but if that sets you off please do not read.

 Also this is purely a work of fiction. I am sharing this because I feel not enough people write to address the torment and mental suffering of those who have been abused and I am trying to make it more well known how horrid and damaging it is.
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My hair actually looked really nice and I wanted to try my new camera's ability to get a self-portrait but I HATE taking self-portraits because I feel vain doing so. Realized later I could have used my tripod to take a better pic. XD
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I'm so tired of friendship. IRL friendship that is. Online it's easy, no one has to deal with you if they don't feel like it. They can take a break and figure out how to word things to their online friends. And if they're upset their online friends don't have to see them and put up with their constant whining or frustrations. IRL friends have to deal with me crying, whining, begging for them to support me when I'm at my worst. Asking them to accept the fact that I have different views than them and I want to share my opinion. But no. Real world friends are useless apparently. I get better support and love from people who don't know me IRL and don't have to put up with me. Because obviously no one wants to take the time to get to know me and put up with my crap and prove they are worth my time! No one wants to truly be my friend! And I'm so tired of it. I'm so tired of being numb and surrounded by people who pretend to care about me but when I need them most they ditch me because I'm too much for them to handle. I try my best to be there for them when they need a helping hand but that's all I seem to be to them! Someone to support them and have fun with, BUT THE MINUTE I NEED THAT SUPPORT THEY ABANDON ME TO DROWN! I AM SO SICK OF TRYING TO MAKE FRIENDS, OF TRUSTING PEOPLE ONLY TO BE BEATEN DOWN WHEN THEY DON'T WANT TO DEAL WITH MY EMOTIONS AND DON'T CARE ENOUGH ABOUT ME TO SUPPORT AND HELP ME WHEN I NEED THEM! I am through trying to make friends. If you want to become my friend then you're going to have to work hard to prove to me that I can trust you. Because I have had my heart ripped out and shredded TOO MANY TIMES in the last six years. By too many people that I thought were my friends. I literally am NUMB and can't trust people anymore, not even those closest to me because of the suffering I've been subject to by people I thought I could trust. But if I tried to speak my mind, even politely and without any anger or discriminatory feeling to my words, they shut me up. Wouldn't let me state what I believe because they disagree with it and don't want to hear me out. I want friends that even when our opinions differ on major issues like homosexuality and abortion, I can still state what I believe and why and trust that they won't try and make me keep my views to myself. They will respect me and my views and let me speak my mind, and if they do that much for me then I will do the same for them. Heck I let people speak their mind to me regardless of whether our opinions differ or not! I try and respect people and hear them out. ALL I ASK IS FOR YOU TO SHARE THE RESPECT AND LOVE I GIVE YOU! I am sick of 'friends' I want people that reach out to me and don't let me go even when I push them away because they care about me enough to push through my pain and prove they are worth my trust and love. I'm tired of broken trust.


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I love to read, write, draw and listen to music. Simple me. Just be your self, you never know what might happen. Besides, "the more you lie the more you have to remember"--quote I can't remember where from. If you have requests for stories, certain fanfic, or drawings send me a message and I'll see what I can do. I love to help. And I'm bored and want to expand my talents. my account on…
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